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With a foreward by Dr. Sylvia Earle
"Hyland has crafted a portrait of change, an urgent call for action and an inspiring message of hope that is relevant globally. And, he makes it personal."


Hardback, 540 pagesillustrated in full colour with over 1500 images and 600+ species

With the January 31st 2023 announcement, of Mission Blue's first Irish Hope Spot -
The Greater Skellig Coast Hope Spot, this new book is very timely. Visually stunning images and spectacular illustrations will open your eyes to the beauty of the Skellig Coast and its wildlife. Dive into a world rarely seen. Uncover the secrets of plants and animals, that will thrill with their ingenious methods of survival. Follow the natural world through a full calendar year and over 600+ species. Detailed guides to flora and fauna, above and below water, found in a multitude of habitats. This is the definitive guide to the natural world of Derrynane and the Greater Skellig Coast Hope Spot.

Join the books creator, author and outdoor educator, Vincent Hyland, as he guides you on a personal journey with stories and recollections. A book that uniquely combines science, geography, natural history and wild place-names. See at first hand, why the area has been selected as one of only 149 hope spots around the world. Learn about the area's marine and freshwater life, seaweeds, trees, wild flowers, moths, butterflies, birds and mammals. This exquisite production is something that you will treasure and consult for years to come. Shipped worldwide when available. 

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A wonderful collection of Vincent's underwater themed illustrations, original art and photographic fine art prints for you own. 


New Public Art Piece installed... 
Bringing Kenmare Bay into town

Photographs reveal hidden light of Ireland's underwater marine life
Very little is known about the hidden light that emits from a select few of Ireland's underwater marine inshore flora and fauna. The phenomenon occurs when certain marine plants and animals that contain fluorescent proteins absorb, transfer and reemit light in a colourful display known as marine fluorescence... [read more]. Other animals produce their own light in a process called bioluminescence. 

New prints now available - Sea sparkle at Derrynane
and Skellig Underwater

A new series of images from the Skellig Islands underwater available to own.
A beautiful edition to your wall. Each image is signed by myself. 

Featuring Blue Jellyfish, Scorpion fish and a hydromedusa (crystal jellyfish) from beneath the Skellig Island.


Announcing Ireland's 1st Underwater Nature Trail

Carrigycrone, Derrynane, Co. Kerry, Ireland. 

Created and developed by Vincent Hyland (Wild Derrynane) this trail takes around 1 hour to complete. 16 underwater points of interest with a mix of marine flora and fauna. Suitable for scuba divers of all levels. A wonderful showcase of Ireland's shallow marine inshore habitat.