John Dory
John Dory

John Dory photographed in white light

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John Dory
John Dory

John Dory displaying fluorescence

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Derrynane photographed at 1am showing bioluminescence.

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John Dory
John Dory

John Dory photographed in white light

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Photographs reveal hidden light of Ireland's underwater marine life
Very little is known about the hidden light that emits from a select few of Ireland's underwater marine inshore flora and fauna. The phenomenon occurs when certain marine plants and animals that contain fluorescent proteins absorb, transfer and reemit light in a colourful display known as marine fluorescence... [read more]. Other animals produce their own light in a process called bioluminescence. 


New prints now available - Sea sparkle at Derrynane
and Skellig Underwater

A new series of images from the Skellig Islands underwater available to own.
A beautiful edition to your wall. Each image is signed by myself. 

Featuring Blue Jellyfish, Scorpion fish and a hydromedusa (crystal jellyfish) from beneath the Skellig Island.


Announcing Ireland's 1st Underwater Nature Trail

Carrigycrone, Derrynane, Co. Kerry, Ireland. 

Created and developed by Vincent Hyland (Wild Derrynane) this trail takes around 1 hour to complete. 16 underwater points of interest with a mix of marine flora and fauna. Suitable for scuba divers of all levels. A wonderful showcase of Ireland's shallow marine inshore habitat.

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Marine, Coastal and Wildlife Gallery
A wonderful collection of illustrations, original art and photographic fine art prints for you own. 


New Book - Wild Derrynane

Available 2021

Natural History, Stories, Wildlife Year and Explorer's Guide by Vincent Hyland 

Educational reference book full of wildlife stories, species identification and a full year explorer's guide.


Hardback, 300 pages, full colour

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A new collaboration between Vincent Hyland and the ICO
The 'I Create Online' initiative inspired by the Irish Chamber Orchestra. With spectacular footage, Vincent explores the cycle of the gannet Fiadh in an evocative maritime adventure. Written, filmed and Produced by Vincent himself, it is narrated by Irish Chamber Orchestra violinist Oonagh Keogh and performed to the ICO's rendition of Felix Mendlesson's Fingal's Cave. Fiadh is inspired by the beauty of the Kerry coastline, its nature and its wild Atlantic seas. 

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Watch all 5 episodes here...


From a documentary series 'Call of the Wild' recently broadcast on RTE ONE to being featured on RTE's Hot Air - Ireland's Climate crises, Tracks and Trails, Living the Wildlife, Nationwide, Nestwatch 2000 - 1st brood of the Millennium, TG4's An Lá a Rugadh Mé, TV3 The Ice Pack to the BBC's Search for Ireland's Giant Turtles, Vincent has written, directed, narrated, filmed and appeared in a variety of shows for TV. He has also made three feature length documentaries about the coastal wildlife of his beloved place, Derrynane, Kenmare Bay, the Skelligs and the Bull Rock they are; Ireland's Seabirds and Marine Life, The Bay - Kenmare Bay Underwater and Puffins of Skellig Michael. 


with Mo Stafford

Young Explorer with Neil Hyland

Join 12 year old Neil as he explores ancient stone forts, WWII look out posts and underwater marine life 

Meet Young Explorer and Winner of the National Heritage Week, County Award for Kerry, Neil Hyland. Check out his vlog videos where he explores Caherdaniel's local heritage including Ancient Stone Ring Forts, WWII Look Out Posts and Underwater Marine Life. 

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Augmenting the Sustainable Marine Environment

A craft based product for the family that you print out and self build.


Uses an augmented reality app to interact with your smart phone or tablet (download required, Android only)

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20 Stops
Booklet available from Derrynane House
Smartphoine App available for self guiding 

[Watch the video here]

The Derrynane Seashore Nature Trail 
'Bringing the seashore to life' 


From 2 hours to 4 hours to full day field trips around Wild Derrynane with guide Vincent Hyland. Fully immersive field trips exploring flora, fauna, climate change, local biodiversity and insights into Derrynane's unique ecosystem. Private Irish traditional music sessions on request.

"We are grateful you urged us to get out of the tourist scene in Killarney and get to know Ireland and the Irish People. Vinny is extraordinary. He took us out to Abbey Island for a ecology lesson and hike and then for a private session of traditional Irish music and Rock music combined. We had no idea we'd be  in for such an intimate performance". 
Private client, Hidden Ireland Tours



Ever wondered how to identify ~Jellyfish and treat their stings? This free downloadable guide is photographed and written by Vincent Hyland and covers all you need to know about jellyfish and other stinging creatures that visit our waters during the summer months. 

Click here to download (.pdf)

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Vincent works on a range of projects including Augmented Reality pieces for education, outdoor installation including Derrynane's Seashore Nature Trail and Walk of the Planets. In 2019 he featured in Storied Kerry and performed live at the Sneem Story Telling Festival. Television appearances include a shows such as RTE's Today Show, documentary series include; 'Call of the Wild' which aired on RTE TV in August 2020. RTE's Living the Wildlife and the BBC's Search for Ireland's Giant Turtles. He is writing a new book "Wild Derrynane - Explorers Guide and Wildlife Year'.



Outdoor Educator, Underwater Explorer, Technologist, Artist, Musician


Like to know more about coastal habitats including sand dunes, beaches, underwater, woodlands, fields, meadows and islands and their wildlife interrelationships? Would you like to learn how to identify and photograph coastal wildlife including birds, flowers, insects, trees, seaweed, fish and invertebrates? Would you like to study these in glorious Derrynane? Situated on the gulf stream warmed coastal waters of the Skellig Coast in south west Kerry, Vincent offers two hour, half day, full day and longer courses in marine and coastal ecology. Also suitable for schools and aligned to strands in the curriculum these days out are fun filled and informative. Contact Vincent for further details here



Exciting walks to explore nocturnal wildlife (bats, moths and marine life) and constellations, stars and planets in the Kerry Dark Sky ReserveVincent was one of the original Kerry International Dark Sky group responsible for obtaining a gold tier award for the area from the International dark Sky Association (IDA).

Creator of the Walk of the Planets App for iOS and Android and available here for free

He is also the pioneer of nocturnal trips exploring marine life above and below water. 


Contact Vincent for further details here

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