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The cutest birds in Ireland? Perhaps, especially when they are adorned in summer plumage and colour. I have always had a fascination for Puffins, ever since my first encounter with them on Skellig Michael. That was in 1972 when my parents took us to the Skelligs. Getting so close to seabirds was at that time an experience I had never had. Years later I would stay at the lighthouse on Skellig Michael compliments of the Commissioners of Irish Lights who were so accommodating when I wrote to tell them that I was making a film about puffins; Puffins of Skellig Michael. The film which you can watch here is a short 15 minute account of the life of nesting puffins at Skellig Michael. 

Written, filmed and narrated by Vincent Hyland

Original music written and performed by Vincent Hyland

Made on Skellig Michael, Co. Kerry, Ireland ©2008-2022

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