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INFORMATION: This trail is suitable for qualified divers only


A number of snorkelling trails are under development see

1.   Before arriving, check weather, winds, tides and seek local knowledge

2.   Depth - At LWM min depth 2.5m to max 8.0m

3.   Distance: 635m approx in an anticlockwise direction

4.   Suitable for qualified CMAS and PADI divers at all levels. 

5.   Always dive in pairs

6.   Suitable for marine life identification workshops  - please enquire

7.   Respect Leave no trace/no take zone principals

8.  Observe, take photos, do not touch the marine life

9.   Citizen science - Please record your sightings photos by tagging @wildderrynane on social media


1.   Brown seaweeds including serrated wrack.

2.   Blennies, sand gobies and shore crabs.

3.   Beadlet anemonies and spider crabs. 

4.   Swimming crabs, dragonets and pogge.

5.   Juvenille lobster and common prawns

6.   Kelp, dahlia anemone, stalked jellyfish and velvet swimming crabs. 

7.   Bib and anemonies in overhangs.

8.   Dahlia Anemonies on shingle.

9.   Deadmans fingers.

10. Juvenille edible crab.

11. Wrasse including ballan and rock cook.

12. Occasional sightings of octopus.

13. Beautiful kelp forest habitat.

14. Shoaling pollack with passing mullet and occasionally bass.

15. Seawhip, shore crab and little cuttlefish.

16. Daisy anemone and at night fluorescing in blue light excitation. 

9 Brains vs 1 Brain

9 Brains vs 1 Brain

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