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Celebrating the Marine Wildlife of Kenmare Bay and the Skellig Coast this painting depicts a Common Dolphin making its way through the prisitine waters off Ireland's South West Atlantic Coast. Summer time in this part of the world is teeming with marine life. Everything from dolphins, seals, fish and whales to smaller marine animals including crustaceans and jellyfish can be obeserved beneath the waters here. Diving, filming and observing this incredible underwater habitat in order to paint these underwater subjects is one of my favourite things to do. 

'Wild and Free' - Original Painting (Framed)

  • Framed in a solid black frame the piece measures
    1.55m x 0.75m (155cm x 75cm)

    This is a large modern piece and is suitable for a large wall space. as a Triptych, acryllic on canvas panels. Each painted panel measures 51cm x 40.5cm

    The original can be viewed at my studio here in Rath, Caherdaniel.


    Worldwide shipping. Please enquire.

  • If you are not satisfied with your purchase. Please use the form or email address provided to contact me directly. Thank you!

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