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New Book - Wild Derrynane

Available Spring 2021

Natural History, Stories, Wildlife Year and

Explorer's Guide by Vincent Hyland 

Educational reference book full of wildlife stories, species identification and a full year explorer's guide.


Hardback, 300 pages, full colour

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This book takes you through Wild Derrynane’s annual wildlife calendar. Read about Vincent’s own encounters with Derrynane’s incredible wildlife. Explore the area’s biodiversity and ecosystems like never before. Monthly ‘at a glance’ highlights including stories about species, their interactions and appearances. Gain insight into some of Derrynane’s iconic species including the life-cycle of the endangered Natterjack Toad. Go underwater with dolphin species and see marine life, like never before. Visit offshore islands and discover the seabirds nesting there. Use the book to identify and compliment your own observations in the field and use the seasonal guides to discover wildflowers, moths, butteries, trees, mammals, birds, seashore life and much more.

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