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1) Development of innovative educational toolkits covering STEAM education with a focus on sustainable development in the coastal and marine sector.
2) Supporting Active learning that utilises Outdoor learning with Mixed Realities

3) Grounded in social constructivism (socially situated knowledge construction through interaction with others) leading towards an instructional paradigm that encompasses the merging of research and practice in partnership (RPP).

4) Intentionally focussing on learning processes to improve learning outcomes particularly in Wilderness areas.


Initially geared for children (7-12) and parents this educational tool kit is a suite of resources that utilises both traditional printed media and the latest digital technologies including 360º immersive and Augmented and Mixed Realities. Compatible with White board, iOS and Android Tablets/Smart devices and Google Cardboard.

Set within Derrynane National Park, Parknasilla, the Skellig coast and Kenmare Bay Special Area of Conservation the rich content in these resources includes images, audio, video and interactivity. 

TOOL KIT Samples

Books, interactive books, apps for download and printable templates.

Book for facilitative learning
A one year wildlife guide interspersed with stories, images and happenings from the natural world. This also combines as a field guide to an entire ecosystem from mountain, river, meadow, woodland, coastal and underwater habitats.

Downloadable or hardcopy

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ebook - Bringing stories to life
Fully interactive with video, audio, slideshows, interactive charts, quizzes, knowledge review and much more.


Outdoor Looped Walk with App & Booklet
A guide to a seashore habitat including booklet with accompanying app. Includes audio, video, quizzes and species identification and life cycles charts.


The Telly - Telling wildlife stories using AR
Digital designing templates, printing, making cutting, folding 2d objects into 3d Augmented Reality stories stacks


New technologies are changing the way we interact with our environment. Learning in the outdoors is complimented by Augmented Reality - Apps that deliver an enhanced view of the local environment. Vincent Hyland is leading the way with creations that include 'THE TELLY' - a wonderful engaging way to discover Derrynane's unique biodiversity.


Phd Example Videos