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Augmented Reality solutions for training tomorrows Ecologists
Vincent Hyland and Human Esmaeili

It is not always possible to venture into the outdoors as part of ecology based learning. Various factors including weather, cost and seasonality means that students get limited practical outdoor/in-field training as required by their programmes. This paper puts forward a number of Augmented Reality solutions for bringing the outdoors into university and college programmes that will compliment the learning process and help students better understand the practical elements of their study programmes.

By providing AR triggered content, students can learn as if they were in the outdoors and then follow up their practical assignments with actual field work. This can cover areas including coastal and marine conservation; sustainability and ecosystem based management applications, animal behaviour as applied to wildlife conservation and the integration of land use planning with biological diversity.


Sample image - Emperor Moth

Sample image - Augmented Reality with Video placed between the student and the picture.



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Augmented Reality triggered interactive content helps you connect with local area ecology. By focussing on real world experiences AR can assist in helping to bring the student into the outdoors.

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