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Outdoor education for all age groups specialising in coastal marine ecosystems

Outdoor Education

Outdoor Educator, Underwater Explorer, Technologist, Artist, Musician


Like to know more about coastal habitats including sand dunes, beaches, underwater, woodlands, fields, meadows and islands and their wildlife interrelationships? Would you like to learn how to identify and photograph coastal wildlife including birds, flowers, insects, trees, seaweed, fish and invertebrates? Would you like to study these in glorious Derrynane? Situated on the gulf stream warmed coastal waters of the Skellig Coast in south west Kerry, Vincent offers two hour, half day, full day and longer courses in marine and coastal ecology. Also suitable for schools and aligned to strands in the curriculum these days out are fun filled and informative. Contact Vincent for further details here

Wild derrynane Educational Toolkit


Creating unique resources for studying Derrynane's ecosystem. Whether on land, on the sea, beneath the water, along the coast, in the mountains or the woodlands the Wild Derrynane Educational Toolkit is a treasure trove of information. Explorers guides, books, posters, video, documentaries, interpretative guides all relating to Derrynane's ecosystem have been designed with third, second and primary levels in mind. Are you a parent with kids or an individual explorer who wants to increase their knowledge of Derrynane's biodiversity? Would you like to explore outdoors and interpret what you are seeing and hearing? Are you curious about Wild Derrynane's wildlife world? These resources have been designed to enable you do just that.

Contact Vincent for further details here

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A thirty year record of Derrynane's biodiversity from the mountains to the coast to underwater, Vincent's knowledge of the area is contained within a huge digital archive of photographs, audio, video recordings, film and illustrated pieces.  Selected prints, guides and learning materials are for sale and can be purchased from the shop here

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Designed for outdoor interpretation the Augmented Reality Cube comes fixed to a pole which can be inserted into the ground. Bespoke app development together with video/audio and still image triggers are included. Do you have a project for education/interpretation? 

Please enquire for further details here.


Designed for multiple uses the Augmented Reality bottle is an ideal solution for marketing. Do you have a product you would like to enhance? Bottles, jars, cartons, packaging call all be enhanced with Augmented Reality. We specialise in bespoke storytelling, app development together with video/audio and still image triggering. Do you have a project in mind? 

Please enquire for further details

DRONE AERIAL IMAGING, 360º Video AND underwater DAYLIGHT & Blue light fluorescent photography and 4k video FOR SCIENCE

Research into underwater animal behaviour is what drives this focus. Now with 4K video and recording of blue light excitation in underwater marine communities that research is uncovering many firsts in the area of bio-fluorescence amongst Ireland's marine life.

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In 2015 our documentary team filmed the series 'Call of the Wild'. In episode 1 'Plastic in Paradise' I tackled the issue of plastic pollution in Ireland and its affects on marine life and coastal habitats and communities. Watch the entire episode here.
Written, presented and underwater imaging by Vincent Hyland with filming, post production and produced by David Pembroke and James Pembroke. 


Photography, video, drone photography, art, illustration, voice overs, recording, pre and post production for

NATURAL HERITAGE interpretative projects

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Information overlays coupled with drone aerial photography and video helping to interpret the natural world. 360º Video. Production of biodiversity guides and app content for projects such as Derrynane's Seashore Nature Trail (pictured). Illustrated projects such as 'Walk of the Planets' for the Caherdaniel Dark Sky Group (pictured) including research, script writing, voice over and audio recording and post production for apps.
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