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By now Shearwater fledglings can be found ashore on our roads, villages and towns of South Kerry. Flying off their Island nesting homes including Scarriff, Deenish, Puffin, Skellig's, Blaskets and Maherees at night, their instinct is to head towards areas where outside lights and street lighting prevail.


What to do if you find one?
At night gently approach it, pick it up using both hands clasping it firmly over the wings and back with fingers under their belly. If possible quickly return it to sea. If found during the day, place it in a cardboard box, closing the lid and return the bird to sea that night.

Why return at night? The birds can be eaten by seagulls.

Our Manx Shearwaters typically migrate to South America during the winter and return to our islands in spring, nesting in burrows and fishing at sea for herring, sprat, sandeels etc.

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