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Augmented Reality- Interpretation Cube (vAR) Prototype

A working Augmented Reality Demo at Derrynane National Historic Park by Vincent Hyland (Wild Derrynane)

I recently created a prototype Cube (vAR) as a method of interpreting the natural assets of Derrynane National Historic Park. The use of this new technology is a follow on to the already established Derrynane Seashore Nature Trail (a looped 1.2km trail) and represents the next phase of interpretation at the Derrynane site. 

The Cube uses 4 sides, each with a picture that triggers a smartphone app to play a video between the device and the cube. Up to 4 people at any one time can interact with the cube as long as they have downloaded the accompanying app onto their smartphone.

The video that you will watch is a 'working' prototype and was positioned outdoors at the site where the underwater interactions depicted took place.

This technology can be utilised right now and can become the first Augmented Reality interpretative piece along the Wild Atlantic Way. 

As discussed with Chris O'Neill, OPW Parks Superintendent and Josephine O'Driscoll, programme manager, Failte Ireland Southern Coasts, I propose a prototype be developed and deployed at the existing Derrynane Seashore Nature Trail. 


IMAGE: The vAR Cube in position above Derrynane Beach 

IMAGE: The cube and AR interaction

VIDEO: The vAR Cube working prototype demonstration

vAR Cube: Design, Programming, Augmented Reality, Photography  and Video © 2018 Vincent Hyland. All rights reserved. Not to be reproduced in any form or by any means whatsoever. Vincent Hyland asserts ownership over the entire concept of the vAR Cube prototype.  

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