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The medusa stage of this hydromedusae is remarkably similar to true jellyfish. When coming up from a dive off Derrynane's outer island I spotted this specimen. As they both move through the currents and pulsate one has to be quick in deciding what is the best way to photograph these 'see through' creatures. In this case I decided to light the specimen from below. This gave enough clarity for me to focus on the dome and capture this striking image. 

Secrets of a Hydromedusae

  • Printed on Aluminium dibond


    Available in 3 sizes

    A2 (42cm x 59cm)

    A1 (59cm X 84cm)

    A0 (84cm X 118cm)

  • If you are not satisfied with your purchase. Please use the form or email address provided to contact me directly. Thank you!

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