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This is the Video Log of 12 years old Neil Hyland, as he explores his local area of Caherdaniel, Co. Kerry, Ireland.  Watch as he visits and uncovers the local history of 1300 year old Stone Forts, World War 2 Look Out Posts and the Underwater Marine Life of Wild Derrynane. The project originated as a result of a school assignment during the lock down phase of the pandemic.

Episode 1 -

Stone Forts

Discover the 1300 year old history of Caherdaniel's Stone Forts in this the 1st episode of Neil's Video Logs.

Episode 2 -

WW2 Look Out Post

The Look Out Post at Lambs Head was built in 1939 and was used to monitor marine traffic during the war years. In this episode Neil uncovers its history and re-tells some of the stories from the log book that was kept during its operational period (1939-1945).

Episode 3 -

Underwater Marine Life

In this episode Neil goes snorkelling and takes you on a fascinating underwater journey. Here he comes across jumping scallops, colour changing fish, tiny cephalopods and jellyfish. 

Project creation and online reach

This new project is a family affair with Neil's father, mother and two brothers involved in every aspect from scripting, filming, audio, recording, music, editing and digital enabling. The project has now achieved over 10,000 video views through a combination of streaming, social media feeds and sharing of the webpage, and brings the local heritage of Caherdaniel to a wide audience consisting of local, national and international online communities.


Project coordinator: Vincent Hyland

Presenter and Narration: Neil Hyland
Video/Underwater video, script, audio recording, editing, web, social media: Vincent Hyland
Original Music Score: Michael Hyland (Main theme and soundscapes), Vincent Hyland (underwater soundscapes)
Song '8 legs' written and performed by: Vincent Hyland, Mo Stafford and Vinny Hyland

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