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A wonderful introduction to Marine Biology. A one day or half day course. 


  1. What is the science of Marine Biology

  2. The basics of Wild Derrynane’s Coastal Ecology

  3. The Coastal and Underwater Geology of Wild Derrynane

  4. Water types in Coastal Wild Derrynane

  5. Waves and Tides and their influence

  6. Biology basics

  7. Animals of Coastal and Underwater Wild Derrynane from microscopic to mega individuals

  8. Marine ecosystems

  9. Communities of the deep, inshore and intertidal

  10. Estuaries at Wild Derrynane

  11. Humans and the sea and their impacts including fishing and plastics.

  12. Conservation of the Oceans

Parents and Children studying animal behaviour in a rockpool.

Introduction to

Marine Biology

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Course takes place at Derrynane National Park with official OPW local guide, marine wildlife film maker scientist and artist Vincent Hyland. Indoor and Outdoor elements. Please bring suitable clothing. 

Discover animals of the rockpools Open your eyes to a new world of beautiful underwater plants and animals.


Explore Derrynane's Seashore, Woodlands and Sand Dunes. 

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Field Trips suitable for families with kids, school children and educators

Kids listening to the Underwater World

It's a bugs life - Happiness is interaction with the bugs of Derrynane!

Kids listening to the Underwater World

Tropical fish at Derrynane . . . A Triggerfish

Derrynane National Park is set along Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way.

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