Exhibition of Coastal Wildlife images at Parknasilla Resort & Spa
Parknasilla Resort and Spa, Co. Kerry, Ireland

Parknasilla Resort and Spa is situated along the shores of Kenmare Bay's Special Area of Conservation. This 220 hectare (550 acre) estate contains some of the most pristine temperate marine habitats in all of Ireland and contains notable inlets, islands and small enclosed bays. Its underwater maerl (corraline algae) deposits represents a rare and unique habitat. These beds are home to a variety of marine creatures including communities of burrowing anemones, invertebrates and fish. Underwater kelp forests abound and offer shelter and foraging opportunities for octopus, small fish as well as acting as nurseries. The area is a stronghold for the common seal. Visits by sea eagles occur. It is an important habitat for nesting terns and is visited by large marine creatures including whales, dolphins and sunfish. Gannets, puffins and razorbills can be seen fishing offshore. A variety of visiting southern European and African resident birds come here to nest and include blackcap, chiffchaff and warblers. The jay (a very secretive bird) is a year round resident. The grounds offer protection for habitats and is a unique sanctuary for many species.

This exhibition of images by Vincent Hyland (who is a curator of wildlife experiences at Parknasilla) is but a small selection and will shortly be available to view to guests at the Railway cafe.