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Written, directed and presented by Vincent Hyland

Wildlife footage/underwater footage: Vincent Hyland
Produced and filmed by David Pembroke

Sound and Wildlife Consultancy: James Pembroke

Broadcast on RTE ONE in 2020 and now available to watch here.

Filmed in North and South Kerry and Galway, Ireland.
© 2015 - 2020

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Anthropogenic effects from plastic on Ireland's Marine Ecosystems and Wildlife. Investigating marine plastic pollution and its effects on seabirds, fish, whales and dolphins.

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High intensity and uncontrolled fires are decimating our local wildlife. This programme investigates the cause of these fires, what is being done to ensure that fires are controlled and in-season and how we can avoid harming our wildlife. 

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Ireland's biosecurity is threatened by invasive species. This program takes a look at some of these 'Alien Invaders' and their effects on Ireland's endemic species. 

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In this episode we take a look at some of Ireland's inshore marine life. From giant Basking Shark to Little Cuttlefish, the seas are alive with creatures, people rarely see. 

Diving at night in Ireland's inshore waters is both exhilarating and creepy. Imagine being surrounded in the deep dark with nothing to keep you company other than the sound of your exhaled air bubbles as they make for the surface. As you wander through the night underwater, the beam of your torchlight attracts many creatures. Meet the John Dory, the Compass Jellyfish, sleeping Wrasse, swimming crabs that use modified claws to swim away from danger and the amazing little Cuttlefish, a master of camouflage that buries itself in the sand and uses its tentacles to scoop sand to further bury itself. 

From a documentary series 'Call of the Wild' recently broadcast on RTE ONE to being featured on RTE's Hot Air - Ireland's Climate crisesTracks and TrailsLiving the Wildlife, NationwideNestwatch 2000 - 1st brood of the Millennium, TG4's An Lá a Rugadh Mé, TV3 The Ice Pack to the BBC's Search for Ireland's Giant Turtles, Vincent has written, directed, narrated, filmed and appeared in a variety of shows for TV. He has also made three feature length documentaries about the coastal wildlife of his beloved place, Derrynane, Kenmare Bay, the Skelligs and the Bull Rock they are; Ireland's Seabirds and Marine LifeThe Bay - Kenmare Bay Underwater and Puffins of Skellig Michael
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