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Vincent Hyland's Augmented Reality Exhibition demonstrated to HRH Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall on 15th June 2018 at Derrynane House

Vincent Hyland has created an exhibition showcasing the natural assets of Derrynane. The exhibition is a follow on from the collaborative Office of Public Works Seashore Nature Trail project. In a first for an exhibition showcasing Irish Nature and in particular, Wild Derrynane, CoastX AR utilises Augmented Reality technology. Vincent recently got to demo the technology in action to HRH Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

This video has been deleted.

Sample Video showcasing the technology and its application. The exhibition can be either indoors or outdoors.

Augmented Reality

In this technology, a smartphone or tablet is preloaded with an App specifically programmed and designed for the exhibition. The visitor is given a device and takes it around the exhibition. At each picture the visitor holds the device towards the image. By placing the smartphone/tablet between their line of sight and the image on the wall, on the floor, the beach, the woodlands or anywhere, the app triggers a video that they can play.

Testing the AR elements in the 'Fishhead Utility Lab'

Making the invisible, visible at Wild Derrynane

This immersive exhibition will take each visitor on a journey of discovery. It will present to them deep insights into Derrynane's amazing natural environment by 'Making the invisible, visible at Wild Derrynane' in the form of Augmented Reality triggered video and audio storytelling. Visitors will be taken underwater, above water, on land and on the sea and encounter species from moths to basking shark to seabirds and kelp forests. Remarkably, the exhibition can be either indoors or outdoors!

The exhibition will contain 20 images, each with its own augmented reality story. Watch the video below to get a sample of how Augmented Reality works.

Field testing in the woodlands at Wild Derrynane

Sample image - Emperor Moth

A big thank you to Human Esmaeili for helping with the AR and showing me how to work in Unity and Vuforia so that I could complete the AR elements for the exhibition.

Wild Derrynane forthcoming Augmented Reality Exhibition, Summer 2018

© 2018 Vincent Hyland All rights reserved

Sample image - Smartphone displaying Augmented Reality Video placed between the viewer and the picture.

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