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In 2016 I discovered 75 Portuguese Man of War washed up on long beach Derrynane. This was the first time that they had been seen here. Fascinated with their structure I wanted to get an image of the underneath. This is the result and shows the coiled stinging tentacles and the mouth feeding tubes. These are the parts of the animal that exist beneath the water. The gas bubble exists in the air while the animal floats on the 'Neuston' the air/water interface, a part of the ocean that is only now being considered as its own habitat. Other animals that live in this space include By the Wind Sailors and Violet Snails. 

The mysterious Man of War

  • Printed on Aluminium dibond


    Available in 3 sizes

    A2 (42cm x 59cm)

    A1 (59cm X 84cm)

    A0 (84cm X 118cm)

  • If you are not satisfied with your purchase. Please use the form or email address provided to contact me directly. Thank you!

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